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City of Riverside Launches Newly Designed Website

City of Riverside Launches Newly Designed Website Main Photo

11 Mar 2021

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RIVERSIDE, OH -- The City of Riverside recently launched a newly designed website, created by Golden Shovel Agency, to further strengthen its online presence and the economic growth of the community. The new site has a maintained theme and branded message of “Riverside Connects” as well as a professional format for the target audiences of developers, site selectors, and investors. The layout feels inviting for all users with easy navigation of all essential information.

“The City of Riverside is on the move,” said Lori Minnich, Economic Development Specialist, part of the Riverside Development Department. “We have many active development projects, construction and site plans are in review, and we have more affordable commercial sites available.”

During the design process, the Riverside staff and community leaders were able to identify challenges, define development goals and objectives, realign planning efforts, and ultimately created an essential website that strategically made them a potential site selection option, as well as highlighted the significance of the location to the region’s major industries.

The City of Riverside collaborated with Golden Shovel Agency for its website design project. The national economic development communications firm is recognized for its award-winning design and expertise in business and workforce attraction. “We are impressed with the layout and content of the County website designed by Golden Shovel Agency. They captured our message, created a user-friendly site with essential information for our target audience, and integrated our many community assets” said Gary Burkholder, Community Development Director.

“The Golden Shovel team has enjoyed working with the City of Riverside and we look forward to seeing all the great things that will come as a result of the new website,” said Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel Agency.

The newly designed website can be found here.



THE CITY OF RIVERSIDE is a lively, resident-focused city of over 25,000 located in southwest Ohio. It is home to numerous technology, industrial, research and development, logistics, and service-based businesses. It offers many possibilities in education, employment, and amenities. The business-friendly atmosphere and growing housing inventory offer many opportunities for new residents and businesses alike. Learn more here.

GOLDEN SHOVEL AGENCY is a full-service economic development marketing agency. Whether the goal is to attract and support great businesses or great talent, we are your specialists in the industry. We’ve helped hundreds of communities across North America to shape and tell their stories in order to strengthen the vitality of their regional economies. Learn more here.

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