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Golden Shovel Agency's Proactiveness Helps Clients During COVID-19

Golden Shovel Agency's Proactiveness Helps Clients During COVID-19 Main Photo

25 Aug 2020

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Golden Shovel Agency proactively addressed the communication and business challenges presented by COVID-19. In the early spring of 2020, our team created a microsite containing COVID-19 information, tools, and resources that could be accessed free of charge by our clients. These tools included informative pieces that could be distributed throughout client communities, along with press releases, social media posts, and graphics. The Get Ahead of the Curve community toolkit was created and distributed free of charge so clients could utilize the tools that were most applicable to their individual communities. In addition, the team hosted weekly webinars, bringing in experts as necessary to address the impact of COVID-19, how to successfully access funding resources, best practices for migrating workers to remote work, and how to continue with economic development activities amidst travel constraints. These webinars were well attended and a critical tool for helping our GSA clients to Get Ahead of the Curve.

On an individual site basis, the GSA team took fast action to change website banners, create and upload graphics and social media posts, and to create entire webpages dedicated to providing community members with access to information and resources. The examples below are from the Parker, CO economic development and Ramsey County economic development websites. GSA clients utilized our content support to have articles written about programs, grants initiatives, and businesses that pivoted during COVID-19. The below examples are of a small business grant recipient in Skagit County, WA and of a restaurant in Pierce County, WI who pivoted to stay open and thrive amidst COVID-19 closures.



As communities began to explore reopening, leaders and economic development directors were faced with the monumental task of determining how to reopen, what to reopen, how to keep the community safe, and how to stimulate economic activity at the same time. Creating a plan and communicating with residents was made easier with help from Golden Shovel Agency. Once again, we looked to the future, creating a Reopening Toolkit containing tools, resources, information, and communication plans that could be used by our clients and any community looking for assistance. Delivered free of charge, this Reopening Toolkit provided our clients with critical support when they needed it most.

That's what we do. We anticipate our clients' needs, stay ahead of trends, and provide solutions before our clients even ask for them. That's why our PlaceVR 360-degree videos have become a widely used tool during COVID-19. We had the foresight to envision the way communities would connect with site selectors using a more virtual environment. Our cutting edge technology (VR videos and virtual meeting rooms) was established prior to COVID-19 but are now more relevant than ever. By giving our clients the opportunity to host virtual fam tours and showcase shovel ready sites and buildings without in-person visits, we are enabling business recruitment to continue regardless of restrictions put in place by COVID-19.

We mobilized the full strength of the GSA team during COVID-19 to provide fast, detailed, and consistent solutions to the very people tasked with leading their communities through the greatest challenge of our time. We are proud of our work and of our clients, economic developers, who are working tirelessly to get their communities back on track.

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