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The Payne Area Arcade Business Association, through its Payne Area ReBOOT initiative, launched Neighbors Supporting Neighbors

The Payne Area Arcade Business Association, through its Payne Area ReBOOT initiative, launched Neighbors Supporting Neighbors Main Photo

3 Jun 2020

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The Payne Arcade Business Association, through its Payne Area ReBOOT initiative, launches NEIGHBORS SUPPORTING NEIGHBORS: A fundraising campaign in support of laid-off staff in the Payne Arcade business community

Saint Paul, Minnesota -- The Payne Area ReBOOT initiative is aimed at creating a more vital, equitable, and prosperous future for the business, arts, and entertainment district in the Payne Area and for the diverse community of all the people who live, work, and shop in the neighborhood. The challenges that stem from the COVID-19 pandemic make this mission even more important and time-critical. The district cannot afford to see the momentum slip away that it has been able to build.

The funds raised through the Neighbors Supporting Neighbors campaign will be used to benefit employees of local Payne-Arcade businesses who have lost their jobs, been laid-off, or are working reduced hours due to the COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions. The goal is to raise $5,000.

They are extending a personal invitation to you and your network of readers and followers to actively participate in the Neighbors Supporting Neighbors campaign by:

Fundraiser Event Details

June 11, 2020, 7:00 - 8:00 PM, CST

Virtual ZOOM Webinar

The culmination of the campaign will be an online event that will not only highlight the impressive items form the silent auction - and encourage guests to bid and donate - but will also feature a super variety show of contributions from:

  • East Side artists and businesses
  • Story-telling from local residents
  • Ethnic cooking demo
  • Specialty coffee drink mixing demo
  • Artistic talk
  • Bow-tie design demo
  • And much more!

To register for this event online, click here.

For Donations

Please visit their GoFundMe page here.

More About the Payne Area ReBOOT

The Payne Area ReBOOT is a grassroots initiative, started by a small group of local business owners and neighborhood development leaders. Their intent - and primary focus - is to elevate the vitality of the business district in the Payne area in an equitable and inclusive way, and thereby raise opportunity, prosperity, and quality of life for all who live, work, create, shop, and own businesses in the district. The ReBOOT is committed to development without displacement and to honoring the rich multicultural heritage of the diverse neighborhood and community.

The ReBOOT is seeking to catalyze and enable transformative and lasting changes to realize the following vision:

Economic Vitality

A Thriving commercial district that meets important needs of the local community, offers new job opportunities for residents, and successfully serves the Greater St. Paul Area.

Business Diversity

A healthy mix of traditional, established, and trendy new businesses with ownership, employees, and offerings reflecting the diverse demographics.

Youth Opportunity

Targeted learning and working environments to nurture business acumen and career prospects for local youth - and up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Cultural Vibrancy

A spirited set of arts, entertainment, and learning venues that honor the rich history, reflect the diversity, and attract a growing group of working artists and creatives to the East Side of St. Paul.

Community Place

A welcoming and exciting place to enjoy with your family and friends, visiting, shopping, dining, learning, participating, or being entertained.

For more information about the Neighbors Supporting Neighbors COVID-19 economic relief fundraiser, or the ReBOOT, contact Stephan Kistler, Payne Area ReBOOT, (651) 895-6201,

Payne Area ReBOOT Website

Payne Area ReBOOT Facebook Page

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