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Montgomery County, OH Launches Forward-Focused Website for Business Expansion and Retention

Montgomery County, OH Launches Forward-Focused Website for Business Expansion and Retention Main Photo

2 Nov 2017

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By 24-7 Press Release

DAYTON, OH -- Montgomery County has successfully launched their focused comprehensive business expansion and retention economic development website.  The new online portal is a repository of business incentives, success stories and resources.

Site selectors, entrepreneurs and business owners will find the tools and information on the site to be easy to use and thorough.

“We are excited that this website ties together our previous marketing campaigns and serves as an anchor for our future marketing and business attraction efforts,” said Community and Economic Development Specialist, Dan Bish. “Site selectors, economic development professionals and businesses will immediately see the advantages of locating and expanding in Montgomery County.”

The Dayton Ohio area breeds success. Aviation was born in the Dayton, OH region and since that time successes have continued to accumulate. Visitors to the Montgomery County economic development site can read for themselves the success stories and testimonials about doing business in this region.

To create and design the online portal, Montgomery County, OH selected Golden Shovel Agency. This national economic development communications firm is recognized for their award winning design and expertise in business and workforce attraction.

“The Golden Shovel team enjoyed pulling all the business development resources into a comprehensive economic development portal,” remarked Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel. “The staff at Montgomery County were ambitions about putting together a best practices resource to expand and grow business; they accomplished that goal!”

Montgomery County Development Services combines economic development, community development, workforce, planning, and building resources at Each section of the site has further links to additional resources and best practices, including the building regulations department which includes everything developers need to locate and build in Montgomery County, as well as Project Success Checklists to more easily guide residential and commercial builders of all experience levels.

“This website has been a long time coming for our organization and we are proud to be able to direct our customers to this professional resource,” said Bish. “Montgomery County Development Services combines the expertise of professionals from our workforce development, economic development, planning, building regulations, and community development divisions to help you easily find the resources your business needs to locate, grow, and expand in our region.”

Montgomery County, OHIO

Dan Bish

Community and Economic Development Specialist

451 W. Third St. 10th Floor

Dayton, OH 45422

P. 437.225.4351

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