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Golden Shovel Agency Presents Workforce Attraction Strategies to TELCO Executives

Golden Shovel Agency Presents Workforce Attraction Strategies to TELCO Executives Main Photo

18 Mar 2019

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By 24-7 Press Release

LITTLE FALLS, MN – Golden Shovel Agency COO, Ron Kresha, presented workforce attraction strategies at the NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association Telco Executive Forum in Clearwater, FL. The data-driven presentation outlined the current workforce attraction efforts for communities and how understanding the millennial workforce will improve workforce attraction.

The presentation identified the changing economic landscape of rural communities and how rural communities have the opportunity to grow. Additionally, the presentation pinpointed ways the modern workforce is positioned to move into rural communities.

“The modern workforce has a unique set of values and skills that will bring more innovation and agility to companies and communities, “ said Kresha. “But we need to move beyond the perception that millennials are less engaged. In fact, millennials are more passionate and willing to help companies achieve their mission—if they believe the company is morally sound.”

The one-hour presentation described trends and demographics of the modern workers. It was noted 80% of millennial workers will stay with companies who embrace millennials – especially when the workplace is deemed as “best workplace for millennials” by other peers.

Kresha offered seven successful tips and strategies that company executives can use immediately to help improve their workforce attraction. The proven strategies come from 10 years of helping rural communities grow and improve business and workforce attraction.

The presentation wrapped up with five community strategies to be used by community leaders to build a stronger digital presence and help communities write a successful narrative.

Kresha emphasized the need for involvement by the new workers and to germinate their ideas. “Communities need to rely on the modern workforce to help share the success stories of the communities—let the millennials do what they do best: share their successes online with others.”


The NTCA Telecom Executive Forum is a networking event for telco executives highlighting issues related to the success of rural telecommunications. Topics included next-generation leadership, economic development and future technologies. The Rural Broadband Association represents nearly 850 independent, community-based telecommunication companies that lead innovation in rural and small-town America. To learn more about the NTCA visit their website at

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