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Great River Energy is a generation and transmission cooperative that provides power to 28 distributive member cooperatives. The Economic Gateway connects the cooperatives together into an economic development communication network creating a strong presence in Minnesota.

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Great River Energy Golden Shovel Agency recently redesigned Great River Energy’s Economic Development website to better portray the impact of the cooperative’s economic development efforts and give in-depth information for key industry sectors, including: data centers, agricultural/forest products, advanced manufacturing and mining.

The site was rebranded with an updated look and feel. It features an interactive map of Great River Energy’s 28 member cooperatives and their service territories. Users click on portions of the map to bring up individual co-op profiles with key data points.  

Our designers and copywriters worked closely with the Great River Energy staff on strategic marketing goals to ensure the website is a visually compelling and user friendly. The new site was launched with a comprehensive marketing campaign that communicates the scope of Great River Energy’s economic development efforts.

"We are very excited to launch our new website and virtual site selection tour. As the role of media keeps evolving, Great River Energy and our members rely on our communications partner, Golden Shovel Agency, to provide us with a cutting edge technology to successfully position our economic development efforts."

~Tom Lambrecht, Manager, Economic Development Services, Great River Energy




























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