Montgomery IA Case Study

Maximizing Marketing with a Coordinated Digital Brand and Communication Strategy

The communities of Montgomery County, IA planned to launch a series of aggressive downtown development initiatives and needed a cohesive digital marketing strategy to bring all the initiatives together. The centralized strategy needed to reach multiple stakeholders and amplify the agreed upon messaging and brand so all the communities could be part of the of the marketing effort.

montgomery website


A marketing strategy, brand and design process was initiated encapsulating the Montgomery County goals and initiatives and engaging the stakeholders. An agreed upon design brief was created and used as a digital marketing blueprint to execute the online communications strategy.


Using the the created marketing blueprint a coordinated effort was used for launching downtown development initiatives, working to establish gap funding to spur housing, industrial and business development and pairing with local school districts to expand workforce training and improve workforce and business attraction.


The communication portal and content strategy were launched in conjunction with the community economic development strategies. Shawnna Silvius was able to raise awareness in the communities about the development initiatives and to amplify community development efforts.


Executive director, Shawnna Silvius is committed to raising the awareness of Montgomery County, IA and to expanding economic development and growth of the region.

"Growing our county's population and reversing our vast downward trend is absolutely critical for our future. Getting ourselves out in front of the world online is key to helping us begin to revert that trend and to reach more people and entice them to come to Montgomery County."

shawn silvius, montgomery county, ia

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