Groton CT Cast Study

Communication Strategy and Website Launch Completes the Goals of The Town of Groton Market Analysis

After creating a Market Analysis, the Town of Groton needed to execute an aggressive marketing website and communications plan to meet the stakeholder’s goals. Creating a platform for communicating business assistance resources and ongoing marketing efforts were critical to the project.

groton website


The Town of Groton didn’t want to spend a lot of time educating a marketing firm about economic development so they chose the nationally recognized communication firm Golden Shovel Agency.


A team of experts in design, social media content, SEO strategy and communication was assigned to the Town of Groton project. Because of the experience and knowledge of the team, the Town of Groton launched a new website and communications strategy in four months.


The stakeholders of The Town of Groton spent less time on the website and communication strategy and more time building relationships and creating a shared vision.


— Sam Eisenbeiser, Groton Economic Development Specialist

"Golden Shovel was selected because of their demonstrated expertise in designing websites offering functionality that specifically addresses the unique needs of economic development. The visually-rich style and web layout that Golden Shovel designed for us helps us to effectively tell the story of the quality of place that we enjoy in Groton." 

sam eisenbeiser

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