Workforce Attraction

How Much Is The “Workforce Shortage” Costing Your Community?

Attracting, training, and retaining skilled workers results in an increased tax base, more housing, better wages and economic growth.  We know the “workforce squeeze” is slowing community growth and taking up your time.

That’s why Golden Shovel Agency has developed a comprehensive set of tools and strategies to help economic development organizations cultivate a healthy workforce. Region branding, quality of life initiatives, and specialized online resources are just a few of the approaches that our clients have successfully used to be competitive in workforce attraction.


Common Workforce Attraction Goals

  • Raise awareness about job development and private investment.
  • Attract and train workers in the 25- to -45- year- old demographic.
  • Develop the right message to appeal to highly-mobile workers
  • Entice those who moved away to return.
  • Highlight quality of life amenities and activities
  • Engage and educate entrepreneurs


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Workforce Attraction Services

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Websites for Workforce Attraction

Because workforce development is so important to a healthy economy, we’ve built it into the DNA of our proprietary website, the Economic Gateway platform. These sites are easy to update and include an entire suite of tools for economic development and workforce attraction.

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Microsites for Workforce Attraction

Some economic development organizations are choosing to build a separate workforce attraction website designed to speak directly to prospective jobseekers without the competing interests of other audiences Websites and microsites can be connected to share relevant news and data.

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GateKeeper Service & Creating Content

Social media is a key communications platform, and Golden Shovel’s Gatekeeper Service is designed to take advantage of it. Our writers provide fresh, engaging posts that engage prospective workers in a variety of media.

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Online Ad Campaigns

Online ad campaigns are an effective way to drive traffic to websites and social media sites. Campaigns usually run for three to twelve months and focus on a specific goal and target audience. Workforce attraction ad campaigns can be used to expand Facebook followers and drive traffic to key website tools. 

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Brand Development

Your brand is much more than your logo and look; it’s the sum total of the thousands of impressions that you make every day. Little wonder that an effective brand is a vital tool in workforce development. Our creative team can help you bring your brand to life and use it to target the workers you seek.

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Creative Services

Golden Shovel’s copywriters and designers are available to create a consistent voice and image for any additional creative needs, including brochures, sell sheets, and other media.


Featured Workforce Attraction Projects



What Our Clients Say

Rita Nelson - Greater Yankton Living

“We received great feedback from people that said they used our website to encourage applicants for new positions to move from other cities to Yankton.  They said it is a great way to explore the quality of life in our region and learn more about our community. It is so helpful and encouraging to hear that all of  the hard work and creativity is helping us move in the right direction. We appreciate all of the work the Golden Shovel team has done to help us with our workforce development initiatives.”

~Rita Nelson, Greater Yankton Living



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