Business Retention and Expansion

Are You Championing Your Business Leaders Enough?

As an economic developer, we know you want to champion and promote the successful businesses in your community. Successful businesses create jobs, donate to charities and support your schools. In short, successful businesses improve people’s lives—and Golden Shovel wants to help you retain more of these successful businesses.

By connecting with local businesses—through programs, workshops, communications, and other means—ED organizations help to foster growth and achieve success. Our communications strategies highlight your community and lift up the leaders in your community.

Our writers tell the success stories of your community and promote awareness, keeping you connected to prospects and businesses within your community.. Our specialized web applications are specifically built to help attract and retain skilled workers and to connect them to job listings and training opportunities. 


Common Business Retention & Expansion Goals

  • Support area businesses to expand.
  • Create awareness of available programs and support.
  • Stay in regular communication with area businesses.
  • Keep the businesses and stakeholders informed of recent news and events
  • Promote business success stories to the region, target industries and workforce.


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Business Retention & Expansion Services

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Websites for Supporting Local Businesses

Keeping the businesses in your community thriving is job number one for succesful economic development. Our websites are designed to be both a resource for local businesses to get information and also an outreach tool for keeping the region aware of  news, events and available programs.

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Online Ad Campaigns

Online ad campaigns are an effective way to develop your community social media tools assets into powerful communication channels. Key audiences within your region can be targeted to create awareness and followers of your economic development messages. 

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GateKeeper Service & Creating Content

Keeping the businesses in your region informed and engaged requires regular communication. The GateKeeper service provides ongoing content support to your website and social media assets to keep them current and engage businesses. Weekly articles are created for promoting events, success stories, key community assets and key messages so the whole community is singing the same tune. 

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Awareness Marketing Strategy

Supporting businesses and stakeholders in your region is more effective with a plan and strategy behind it. A good strategy aligns multiple channels of communication with key messaging and a solid brand. We understand the many dynamics of an economic development organization, from the board members to the stakeholders to the thriving businesses. We will work with your team to develop a communicaiton strategy that works. 


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Brand Development

A well crafted brand can make a huge impression on the businesses in your region. For a solid first impression or communicating progress, a brand says a lot about the quality of service your community can expect from your organization.  

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Creative Services

Golden Shovel’s copywriters and designers are available to create a consistent voice and image for any additional creative needs, including leave behinds for area businesses, event material support and regular communications.


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