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Businesses won’t move to your community or region if they don’t know you exist. Successful business attraction efforts hinge on a variety of factors. Site selectors naturally consider elements like building sites, transportation networks, and a ready labor force. But beyond these critical factors lies an equally important arena that’s understood by successful economic development organizations: It’s the story of who you are, what makes your place special, what defines your region and makes it different from others.

Golden Shovel Agency makes it easy for you to catch the attention of site selectors. We help you prepare a winning business attraction strategy—and we provide narrative placemaking tools to tell your story so your community stands out! Our services include building or refreshing your brand, communicating that brand via our proprietary website applications, identifying the key narratives that define your region, and advanced marketing techniques that put you in front of the right audiences.


Common Business Attraction Goals

  • Attract expanding businesses to your region.
  • Create awareness of target industries within your region.
  • Prepare and communicate success stories and key community assets.
  • Highlight quality of life amenities and activities
  • Engage in recruitment meetings at trade shows.


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Business Attraction Services

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Websites for Business Attraction

Successful business attraction starts with a great web presence.  Our Economic Gateway Content Management System has tools designed specifically for economic development. Combined with our talented designers, your region will resonate with prospective businesses.

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Target Industry/Industrial Park Microsites

Economic Development organizations with a strong focus on a target industry or marketing a key industrial site often choose to speak directly to their key audiences with a website dedicated to their needs.  Microsites sit alongside the main economic development website and maintains its own URL. 

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GateKeeper Service & Creating Content

Quality content is king online. The GateKeeper service provides ongoing content support to your website and social media assets to keep them current and engage businesses. As an extension of your team,  we will develop a communications plan and then create original goal focused content to communicate with your target audiences weekly. The created content compliments breaking news and is further supported with weekly content provided through our exclusive relationship with Site Selection Magazine. 

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Marketing Strategy & Administration

There may be a lot of great things to share about your region, but how do you get those messages to the right ears? A good marketing strategy lays the groundwork for all key messaging coming from your region.  We understand economic development audiences, the channels they use to communicate and what they would like to see. Need help fullfilling on the plan? We can assist in  ensuring a successful execution.  

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Brand Development

Your brand is much more than your logo and look; it’s the sum total of the thousands of impressions that you make every day. A well executed brand strongly influences the impression left on business prospects and site selectors. 

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Creative Services

Golden Shovel’s copywriters and designers are available to create a consistent voice and image for any additional creative needs, including marketing materials, content development and conference support.


Featured Business Attraction Projects


What Our Clients Say

Linda DiMario - Irvine Chamber Economic Development

“Selecting Golden Shovel to build our new Economic Development website was not a risk. Their work with other communities across the country garnered immediate consideration. However, it was the homework they did about Irvine, the depth of understanding of our particular needs and expectations, their enthusiasm for the project, their deep website skill set and experience, their creative interpretation and execution, their interactions with our team and attention to detail that sealed the deal. Golden Shovel delivered, making this the most seamless, stress-less website development project with which I have ever been engaged.”

~Linda DiMario, Irvine Chamber Economic Development



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