Workforce Attraction

You Have the Power to Solve Your Community’s Workforce Challenges


Golden Shovel can show you how. Low unemployment rates and a strong economy have forced communities to compete for skilled workers. Communities who don’t compete will lose. Golden Shovel’s workforce attraction solutions arm you with the tools you need to fight and win. From a comprehensive talent and workforce analysis to identify your community’s strengths, our blueprints are designed to lay the foundations for a successful workforce attraction campaign.

We Empower Economic Developers to Compete and Win

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Download Your FREE Workforce Attraction Toolkit and Learn How to Compete

Throughout the country, economic developers are pressured to create a workforce attraction plan. Without the right workforce, local companies can’t grow and new ones won’t consider relocating. Realizing this, EDBs have asked economic developers to attract talent, encourage college grads to move back home and increase population numbers.

Few economic developers know where to start.

This is where Golden Shovel comes in. We guide economic developers through the process of creating a workforce attraction plan. For a limited time, we are offering access to workforce attraction tools for FREE. These tools will point you in the right direction for solving your workforce challenges.

What's in the Kit

  • Understand your workforce needs
  • Evaluate your current tools for workforce attraction
  • Learn hiring best practices to share with your business community
  • Develop social media and marketing campaigns
  • Develop workforce ambassadors


Download Your Free Workforce Attraction Strategy Checklist   




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