Organize A Membership Group

The initial step is to assemble a group that will be primarily responsible for driving the Opportunity Zone initiative. This should be a diverse group of experts who can build a plan and execute. The Opportunity Zone timeline is aggressive and there is no time for unnecessary decision delays and inaction. The original membership group must be committed to a timeline and a goal. 

Suggested checklist for success

  1. Organize a list of potential members
  2. Create a letter of interest to share with members
  3. Gather commitments
  4. Gather contact information
  5. Create communication tools (email chain, text group, and shared document storage space)
  6. Share Opportunity Zone information (See Resource Appendix for a list to share)
  7. Gather each individual’s vision, including aspirations and hesitations
  8. Share timeline
  9. Secure meeting locations and times
  10. Prepare an agenda & secure a notetaker
  11. Schedule the first meeting

Suggested key members

Community Development Organizations
Community Organizations
Education Leaders
Elected Officials
Financial Institutions
Healthcare Leaders 
Philanthropic Foundations
Faith Leaders
Residents of Affected OZ’s;
Insightful Community Members

The first Opportunity Zone forum will properly share the timeline and expectations of the group and solicit different visions and goals. These meetings are intended to educate the group on the Opportunity Zone potential and establish a timeline with deliverables. 

Your membership meeting should address some of the following topics:

  1. Why invest in your community?
  2. Targeted industries
  3. Who are the local investors? How to reach people with capital gains?
  4. How successful OZ investment will benefit your community.
  5. Assign individuals to gather research and documentation. 
  6. Agreed upon timeline
  7. Agreed upon execution and promotion

Be organized and engage all the members to help promote a successful process. 

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