Marketing Plan

Without a successful marketing plan, your opportunity zone efforts are destined to be “another great idea”. 

A successful marketing plan does not need to be overwhelming and complicated… it just needs to be consistent. 

1. Start With Goal Setting

Take the time to identify the target audience and where those audience members get their information. If you would like to attract investors and developers for multi-family housing, find out what kind of content those audience members read. 

2. Market Research

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for researching people and networks. Begin by connecting to investors, developers, and other opportunity zone experts. Read the content they post and follow the same groups these people join.  Look at how other communities are marketing their opportunity zones. Marketing is about being original in a sea of imitation. Don't believe you have to recreate what others have already done.  You just need to be original and stand out. 

3. Identify Marketing Avenues

The best place to start is with a content-intensive website with a landing page.  This is the place where you have the most control and can tell your story.  Once your website is launched begin using social media channels to share your content.  Facebook and LinkedIn have powerful ad campaigns.  

4. Build A Team

Don't try to do all the marketing, content creation, and social media posting yourself. You will fail. Marketing your opportunity requires a team effort and more importantly a community effort. Get the community leaders onboard sharing and resharing your content. Set up a content creation calendar and involve as many people as possible. 

5. Set A Budget

Determine how much you will spend on each marketing channel and check your results.  By analyzing the data and the money spent, you will maximize your exposure. 

Below are a couple more suggestions for your marketing plan. 

  • Build a couple of graphics to share on social media
  • Use LinkedIn and Facebook to build an ad campaign 
  • Professionally print your prospectus and deliver a high-quality pdf on your website
  • Consistently build a social media following with an awareness campaign
  • Be aggressive… investors won’t find you if you fly under the radar. 

One tool we have used successfully is Hubspot. Their website is full of helpful content ideas and their marketing tool is effective.  Here are five marketing plan templates to get you started from Hubspot. 

If you are looking for more marketing ideas, try The 30 Proven Marketing Tips for Economic Developers.

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