Build A Prospectus

Once the research has been gathered and a successful plan is articulated and shared, a prospectus should be assembled to highlight the potential investment, detail the financing needs and attract investors. 

The prospectus is a brief narrative of the community and includes the demographics of the Opportunity Zones with a compelling narrative detailing the potential growth and return to investors. The prospectus should clearly demonstrate two goals of Opportunity Zones:

  1. Favorable potential for investment returns
  2. Positive societal improvements from investments 

Here are examples of what other communities have published:
Erie, PA 
South Bend, IN
Oklahoma City, OK

Golden Shovel recommends a prospectus include, but is not limited to, the following sections: 

  • Community overview
  • Opportunity Zone sites and map
  • Workforce availability
  • Demographics
  • Culture
  • Industry clusters and advantages
  • Current key employers
  • Cost of living and housing statistics
  • Incentives
  • Education and training
  • Rankings
  • Quality of life

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