Geotargeting Makes You a More Strategic Economic Developer

Want to get the attention of site selectors and businesses?

With GeoFli installed on your website, you can have one banner image for site selectors from California and another banner image for executives visiting your website from Germany or Japan. Imagine a website where the following automatically adjusts based on the visitor's location. It's possible!

  • Banner images
  • Banner text
  • Videos
  • Client testimonials
  • Page images
  • Written content
  • Call-to-action

Get an Advantage in the Competitive World of Economic Development


Pages Per Session

Increase In Qualified Leads


Make Your Website More Relevant to Target Audiences

GeoFli is an innovative new marketing tool that makes it simple to change and personalize your existing website based on your visitor's geographic location. A decision-maker visiting your site from Austin will see personalized content for the Austin area. Someone visiting from Southern California will see relevant content for SoCal.

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Let's use an economic development organization in Texas. They want to keep local stakeholders in mind. This organization also wants to attract more out-of-state businesses to Texas. How do they balance both on their website? You can be everything to everyone with GeoFli.

Does this mean we are building a new website?

Nope. GeoFli lives transparently on top of your existing website. Easily change what visitors see depending on their location within a single line of code inserted on your site.

You need results. Geotargeting produces them. 

Do you want the first-movers advantage? This technology is new and it's powerful. You can be one of the first economic developers to use it.

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