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For Communities Wishing For More Awareness

Strategies behind implementation, our marketing services work with the unique position of your community. Through in-depth research and detailed implementation plans the marketing services provided by the Golden Shovel Agency are specifically tailored to increase lead generation.



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Inbound Marketing Solutions

Golden Shovel Agency works with technology leaders to implement inbound marketing campaigns that are driven by original content. Our campaigns start with identifying audience personas, what they care about, and then develop content to reach them. By directing them towards a landing page, we can capture leads and put them into an automatic sales funnel that provides information until they set an appointment or are contacted by your team.


golden shovel agency, economic community development, websites, marketing

Public Relations

Media relations can be powerful in gaining support regionally and nationally - have you ever wondered how to get the most attention out of your biggest success? Golden Shovel has designed an exclusive Public Relations strategy for economic development organizations with an expert team of media specialists. GSA secures media coverage during major events for your community, helping to gain attention from other industry leaders and site selectors - we know what this takes from all sizes of communities and events.


golden shovel agency, economic community development, websites, marketing


Have us successfully manage your next online ad campaign to drive traffic to your website. We keep an eye on your organization through communication channels like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and offer Media Buying support (ex: Site Selection Magazine, Industry Publications, etc).

golden shovel agency, economic community development, websites, marketing

Creative & Branding

A brand is more than just a logo and colors. The brand of your organization is being influenced every day by each visitor's point of communication (ex: website, phone calls, newsletters, office visits, etc). Our creative staff are experts in economic development, from creating an identity to living it out at a tradeshow. We can assist with the development of branding and identity, marketing materials, ad design, and booth design.

Our creative team can analyze your existing brand or start fresh to identify the key personality and promise you hope to convey. We’ll provide iterations of a logo, provide supporting elements, including taglines, and demonstrate the usage across a wide variety of applications (e.g., letterhead, online, collateral). Included in brand development is a style guide to create a consistent set of guidelines that can be used by others charged with building your brand presence.


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