Content and Strategy

Content & Strategy

We create the stories that define your community. Your community is more than a destination on a map. It’s your home—the place where you are working to create jobs and grow the economy so that families can thrive.

With a focus on the future, you are your community’s champion—its hero. Our content team is here to tell your story, and the story of what makes your community and the people who live there special.



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Content and Strategy Services

Our Content & Strategy services are focused on identifying the unique story of your region, along with attributes, opportunities, programs, and other unique features. We then tie that story to the strategic goals of your organization.

Working with key messaging and direction from the content strategy, the writers develop up-to-date posts and articles that resonate with business owners and individuals in the defined targets.

golden shovel agency, economic community development, websites, marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We understand being found by search engines is critical to reaching your target audiences. With online practices always changing, it is important to maintain SEO efforts on a regular basis. Golden Shovel Agency looks at SEO from a technical and a content development perspective. We will research keywords, select effective ones, and strategically place them throughout the website and social media content to ensure your content and messaging are reaching the full scope of the intended audience.

golden shovel agency, economic community development, websites, marketing


We can tell your story in a powerful way. By helping with messaging, our team can identify what is most important to your organization and community. Our talented team of economic development writers can create a calendar and monthly content to tell your story, often interviewing local businesses and stakeholders to obtain quotes that add validity to the very things your organization is trying to promote. Content also impacts SEO results and website traffic, making it critical that your content aligns with your organization's identity, goals, and initiatives. Our copywriters ensure this cohesiveness by creating original, goal-focused website copy, promotional copy, white papers, press releases, etc. that reinforce key messages.


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