IEDC 2023 Annual Conference

Event Promo Photo For IEDC 2023 Annual Conference

September 17 - September 20


Dallas, TX is one of the country's most economically and socially diverse cities. The 1920s were an age of dramatic political, technological, and social change for some, yet not for others. In Dallas, we'll usher in the next-generation 'Roaring 20s,' spotlighting how to build thriving, sustainable, resilient, and equitable communities for tomorrow.

Our sights are set on ensuring future prosperity by focusing on economic diversity and resilience now, building on past successes, and inspiring the next ‘Roaring 20s!’ This innovative Annual Conference will explore, modernize, and grow successful industry strategies and practices by focusing on each of IEDC’s five strategic initiatives below.

Leadership Development
Workforce & Talent Development
Supporting Entrepreneurship
Fostering Economic Opportunity & Diversity
Economic Transformation