We've made a commitment to stay on top of economic development trends and technologies. We take that seriously. In that same spirit, Golden Shovel Agency frequently conducts online webinars.

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Golden Shovel's training webinars focus on best practices in using social media and the Economic gateway. Training webinars are led by GateKeeper representatives.

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Expert webinars are a way to share the latest trends and technologies with you. We focus on current technologies and thought leaders so we can all learn from one another.

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Chamber / EDO Mergers Pros, Cons, and Unintended Consequences


Golden Shovel and National Community Development Services recently released a white paper exploring many of the issues related to the ongoing trend of organizational mergers / consolidation in the Chamber and economic development world.

Tom DiFiore, President of National Community Development Services (NCDS), will highlight in this webinar the findings and recommendations from leaders who have been through the merger process. If you – or your community’s leaders – have thought about a possible merger, tune in to learn the potential benefits, negative impacts, and what to know about the process. Participants will gain powerful strategies needed to lead community transformation.

About Tom DiFiore

Since joining NCDS in 1995, Tom DiFiore has worked directly with scores of community and economic development organizations, helping them acquire hundreds of millions of dollars in support of their missions and strategic plans. Tom’s and NCDS’ experience and expertise in developing, positioning, and funding multi-year initiatives that require financial support from public and private stakeholders have helped establish the firm as a national leader in its industry.

The webinar will be October 24th, 2019 11:00 AM CST. Register today, the webinar is free and you can attend at no charge but space is limited.





How to Model Your ED Incentive Package


Economic development incentive programs are a powerful tool for EDOs making an impact in their community. However, questions and pushback from stakeholders can throw a wrench into those plans. A comprehensive analysis of the incentive package can illustrate the net benefit from a project and make clear the value of the incentive package to the company on behalf of local governments.

Join Paul Scheuren, Principal of  Impact DataSource for this webinar where he will demonstrate how to clearly and comprehensively model common economic development incentives including:

  • Tax Abatements or Rebates
  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Infrastructure Grants
  • Job Creation Grants
  • Free or discounted land

About Paul Scheuren

Paul Scheuren is an economist and an Impact DataSource Principal. Established in 1993, Impact DataSource is an Austin, Texas-based economic consulting firm that specializes in economic and fiscal impact analysis. Paul develops and provides support to Impact DataSource clients utilizing the firm’s desktop and web-based economic development impact models. In addition, He has helped communities evaluate nearly every type of economic development incentive from loans, tax increment financing, tax abatement and rebates and grants. Paul has a Master of Arts in economics from Clemson University as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration in actuarial science from Temple University.

The webinar will be November 14th, 2019 11:00 AM CST. Register today, the webinar is free and you can attend at no charge but space is limited.



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