How to Build Your Video Library and Create a 12-Month Video Strategy

How to Build Your Video Library and Create a 12-Month Video Strategy Main Photo

25 Oct 2021

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A 12-month video strategy can be the most valuable component of your EDO marketing plan. After all, nothing is more enlightening than a story.  But when promoting your community, what stories should you tell . . . ? More of them! 

A 12-month video strategy will help you maximize your budget, and tell more stories.

The secret to great video production is pre-production. When you plan thoroughly, fewer resources are wasted, and more of your budget ends up on the screen where it belongs. Good screenwriters know this. When successful Hollywood screenwriters start a project, two key questions are etched in their minds: 

1. Who is the audience?

2. What is the “through-line” of this story?  A through-line is the connecting theme, plot, or characteristic. 

If you start your 12-month video strategy with a screenwriter’s mindset, you’ll be better equipped to know your through-line and weave it in, while staying on brand, reinforcing your message, and giving your viewers a great experience that provides the information they need. 

Once you start to consider your community’s assets, as well as the wants and needs of your stakeholders, you’ll begin to see that what you’re writing is more like a television series than a movie. While this may sound daunting, it’s actually easier, because it gives you the freedom to tell more stories with more clarity and purpose. It also allows you to create a more efficient shooting schedule. Planning your locations and shots strategically, will enable you and your team to take full advantage of being in “production mode” so that you capture as many great shots and soundbytes as possible during each day of filming.  A 12-month strategy not only allows you to divide and conquer your stories on the front-end, it also helps you set priorities, and keep each presentation short and to the point.  That way, you can complete and release each VR video with confidence. 

Here are some examples of types of VR Videos that are appropriate to a 12-month strategy:

1. Familiarization (FAM) Tours: Your VR FAM tour can allow your prospects to explore the region from their own office in a very short period of time. Not only will they access a variety of 360-degree content, but they’ll also be sure to visit each place on an ideal day. It’s always sunny in VR!

2. Site Selectors’ Tours: Your Site Selector’s Tour(s) can showcase construction sites, land, architectural walk-throughs, and more, while providing other valuable information.

3. Relocation Tours: Your relocation tour can focus on workforce opportunities and quality of life, while immersing the viewer in the “vibe” of the community.

4. Businesses Tours: Your Business Tour can cover location advantages, workforce, infrastructure, incentives, success stories, and more. 

5. Community Pride Tours for Locals: Whether your location is filled with natives, transplants, or a combination, history,heritage, and celebrating what you have, helps foster community spirit.

6. College Recruitment Tours:  Many of the best and brightest who choose a college tend to remain in the community long after graduation. 

7. Tourism Videos: As long as you are showcasing your region, geography, events, amenities and attractions, adding a video for tourists is a great way to raise awareness and perception. 

8. Video in Response to an Important Current Event: When people have access to the facts they need, cooperation follows. 

If there is something more effective than VR when it comes to garnering interest, creating trust, and providing a memorable experience that is filled with information, we haven’t found it. 

Are you ready to reach more people with more impact? We can help you create a solid, 12-month video strategy and help you implement it. Contact us today for help.

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