Ramsey County, Local College Fabricate Manufacturing Careers

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15 Nov 2021

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This article was originally appeared on Ramsey County and was written for Ramsey County by Golden Shovel Agency.

Offer the term “manufacturing” to a jobseeker and their perception may be one of a dark, dirty work environment and a monotonous experience. But the reality is today’s manufacturing careers are exciting and dependent on high technology equipment. Additionally, manufacturers cannot find enough people to do these jobs.

“Today’s manufacturing careers rely on new technology, making them a lot more flashy and interesting than the stereotypical manufacturing job,” said Randy Jasken, faculty member at Ramsey County’s Century College. “And local industry is asking for more people to fill their openings.”

Meeting Workforce Demand

Century College is filling that industry void with its new Additive and Digital Manufacturing program. Graduates of the program take jobs such as manufacturing engineer, laser or 3D technician and prototype technician at recognizable, local companies like 3M, Boston Scientific, Innovize and Medtronic. While Jasken said the program name may be somewhat of a mouthful, it is a new and emerging field that meets exactly what manufacturing companies are looking for.

Ramsey County Fab Lab“We have placed 100% of our students in jobs directly addressing manufacturer’s needs right now,” he said. “Machines are getting simpler, so businesses are not hiring so much for a specific skill like CAD or CNC, but really just looking to hire those with basic computer and technology skills, like how to run a 3D printer.”

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