How To Find New Investors for Your Opportunity Zones Before It's Too Late

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14 Jun 2021

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How to find new investors for your Opportunity Zones before it's too late - Opportunity Fund directories, financial advisors, LinkedIn, and old-fashioned networking.

Opportunity Zone legislation passed in 2017 and the incentives provided in the legislation are not going to go on forever. Savvy economic developers will take advantage of this limited-time incentive to attract investors to the Opportunity Zones in their community.

Opportunity Zones are meant to promote growth in stagnant and underdeveloped regions of the country. There are more than 8,700 Opportunity Zones designated through the U.S.

Since there is no way for state and federal programs to properly address the needs of these areas due to lack of resources, political partisanship, and the process of creating and implementing successful economic programs, it is up to economic developers to advocate for their communities and attract investors to Opportunity Zones. To learn more, Download Golden Shovel's eBook: Step-By-Step Guide to Marketing Opportunity Zones.

How to Find New Investors for Your Opportunity Zones Before It's Too Late

Below, we'll detail a few ways you can find new investors in your Opportunity Zones before it's too late. Remember, there are an unprecedented amount of federal investment dollars available for economic development and community growth, and now is the time to bring that money to your community. Time is running out. Investors need to invest by 2022 to reduce capital gains taxes by 10% in 2027!

Here's a short list of places to start your search for investors, or you can hire the Golden Shovel Agency team to do this work for you. Give us a call and tell us about your Opportunity Zone project.

Opportunity Zone Fund Directory

The Opportunity Zone Fund Directory is a compilation of publicly-announced funds formed to attract investment in Opportunity Zones (OZs). NCSHA is tracking only multi-project OZ funds. To learn more about a fund included in this directory, click on the name above.

Financial Advisors

This is a group of people who are always on the lookout for quality investments, especially for clients who have capital gains coming up. Try contacting a few advisors to see if they've suggested Opportunity Zone investments to their clients or if they know people who do.


It might not be the most obvious method, but you can do targeted searches to find people who include Opportunity Zones in the profiles and go from there.


It's a tried and true method for meeting like-minded people. Let everyone you know - from bankers and brokers to lawyers and business owners - that you're working on an Opportunity Zone project in your community. You might have to do some education on what this means to them as potential investors, but networking is a good strategy to find those interested in these kinds of investment opportunities.

Hire Golden Shovel to Do the Work for You

Whether you're just getting started research Opportunity Zones or you're ready to have someone help you build your community prospectus and get in front of the right people, Golden Shovel Agency can help you every step of the way. Just give us a call and we can get started right away!


Download Step-By-Step Guide to Marketing Opportunity Zones


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