6 Easy Ways to Save Time and Money When Promoting Opportunity Zones

6 Easy Ways to Save Time and Money When Promoting Opportunity Zones Main Photo

31 May 2021

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Six easy ways to save time and money when promoting Opportunity Zones include setting clear goals, building a team, researching your unique benefits, crafting an interesting message, sharing engaging content, and working with the right partner.

Promoting your community's Opportunity Zone requires research, strategy, and execution. Successful Opportunity Zone marketing initiatives can target prospective investors from local, state, regional, and national levels. Ongoing interactions with various local stakeholders, potential investors, potential developers, financial consultants, and legal consultants are critical to a project's success. Opportunity Zones are investment vehicles as well as community site development tools.

Opportunity Zones, when implemented correctly, will provide a direct conduit for investments to reach distressed neighborhoods. The residents of these areas will directly benefit from business growth, infrastructure improvements, and a higher standard of life. Investors who take on the risk of improving distressed areas will earn unprecedented tax savings.

6 Easy Ways to Save Time and Money When Promoting Opportunity Zones

1. Set Clear Goals

Take time to identify your target investors and where they get their information. If you would like to attract investors and developers for multi-family housing or commercial real estate, find out what kind of content those audience members read.

2. Build a Team

Don't try to do it all by yourself. A lot of work goes into crafting and creating an effective Opportunity Zone Prospectus and marketing plan. You'll need community leaders, economic developers, residents, educators, marketing experts, creative designers, and possibly more. One nice thing is that many marketing agencies, like Golden Shovel Agency, have a lot of these people on the payroll and partnerships across the industry to bring exactly the expertise you need for this project. Working with an outside agency can take a lot of load off your plate, freeing you up to do the work that takes higher priority outside of special projects.

3. Research, Research, Research

This is the most crucial component of developing a prospectus and it's this research that will feed into a successful marketing campaign and promotion of your Opportunity Zone. Take time to ensure the most complete data is compiled, and if you can't do it yourself, hire someone who can. Want to know more about the research that goes into developing an Opportunity Zone project? Download Golden Shovel's free eBook: Step-By-Step Guide to Marketing Opportunity Zones.

4. Craft an Interesting Message

How much time do you have to develop a powerful, creative message to bring more awareness to your community's Opportunity Zone? Most economic developers already have a full plate of activities and have no time to develop and execute a successful promotion strategy. Working with a creative agency will be more effective, efficient, and easier.

5. Share Engaging Content

A great message is only the first step in getting the attention of potential investors. To engage with them, you have to share good content. If you work with an agency, you'll be able to incorporate digital marketing to specifically target your investors.

6. Work With the Right Partner

When you get down to it, working with the right partner will save you time and money. It's easier to hire an agency filled with subject matter experts rather than spending time trying to hire a new economic developer or adding Opportunity Zone research and marketing to your already full plate.

As the national leader in economic development strategy and marketing, Golden Shovel Agency is ready to help you create an effective Opportunity Zone marketing plan that aligns with the goals you have to make sure every part of your community thrives. Our professional team, economic development experience, and cutting-edge marketing tools and strategies have earned the trust of over 240 communities across the globe. Give us a call today!

Download "Step-By-Step Guide to Marketing Opportunity Zones"


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