What Do Investors Need to Know About Your Unique Opportunity Zone?

What Do Investors Need to Know About Your Unique Opportunity Zone? Main Photo

17 May 2021

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What do investors need to know about your unique Opportunity Zone? A lot. This is why research and gathering information is the most crucial component of your Opportunity Zone strategy. Here we'll give you a quick overview of what's expected. Don't let this overwhelm you- Golden shovel Agency is here to do the heavy lifting for you. Just give us a call!

What Do Investors Need to Know About Your Unique Opportunity Zone?

The Characteristics of Your Opportunity Zone

These Zones are identified by the census tract and can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. Provide investors with maps of the Opportunity Zones in your area that accurately illustrate the tracts and neighborhoods in your community.

Identify the assets of these tracts compacted to other parcels in the community: provide investors with the housing rates and costs, the zone's access to infrastructure (including broadband), sho them at daycare locations, distance to health care facilities, education routes and accessibility, and other pertinent access points.

Existing Community Plans and Goals

Look at municipal plans, housing plans, economic development documents, educational plans, and recreational plans. These will provide the necessary evidence to support investment in your community and explain why investments in your Opportunity Zone will yield results.

Community Demographics

Consolidate and gather community demographics and regulations. Your investors will want to know details about unemployment, income levels, education levels, zoning regulations, tax base, commercial growth trends, and projected population levels.

Want to know more about what investors are looking for in your Opportunity Zone project? Download Golden Shovel's free eBook: Step-By-Step Guide to Marketing Opportunity Zones.

Environmental Impact Studies and Statements

Investors and community members need to understand what environmental conditions exist for each site. Full disclosure or potential environmental concerns will make sure a good opportunity is not lost due to miscommunication.

Incentives for your Opportunity Zone Project

What do investors need to know about your unique Opportunity Zone? The incentives that will make your project more desirable. These incentives may include future updates to roads, water and sewer, and broadband internet access. Investors and developers need to understand which public financing programs are available to assist in the development or Opportunity Zones. These include:

  • Tax Increment Finance
  • Bonds
  • Property Assessed Clean Energy
  • State Funding Programs
  • Abatements
  • Federal Financing Options

Development Efforts and Available Programs

The distressed communities frequently found in Opportunity Zones face challenges with workforce skill levels. Demonstrating how an unskilled workforce will be transformed and available to a new enterprise will make it easier for commercial developers to recruit companies who are facing workforce challenges to your area.

Opportunity Zone marketing requires a coordinated community effort led by a team of economic development experts. As the national leader in economic development strategy and marketing, Golden Shovel Agency is ready to help you create an effective Opportunity Zone marketing plan with an Opportunity Zone Prospectus.

Our professional team, economic development experience, and cutting-edge marketing tools and strategies have earned the trust of over 240 communities in the United States, Africa, Central America, Canada, and Europe.

While Golden Shovel Agency is a national economic development leader, we haven't forgotten our roots in neighborhood community development. Our team members come from rural communities, distressed urban neighborhoods, suburban communities, and high-growth communities. Our strength is our experience and we bring that passion to every project. Give us a call today!

Download Step-By-Step Guide to Marketing Opportunity Zones


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