Move Home to Montgomery County Reinvigorates Business Owner

Move Home to Montgomery County Reinvigorates Business Owner Main Photo

3 May 2021

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This article originally appeared on Montgomery County Action Council and was created for Montgomery County Action Council by Golden Shovel Agency.

As a husband and father to several young children, Nathan Berg knew he needed a change from his life as a petroleum engineer in Tulsa after recovering from successful brain surgery.

"I was done chasing drilling rigs," Berg said, "I wanted to be home more."

Berg found that opportunity for change in Montgomery County, with Berg Reinvigorations, the business he started after moving to Coffeyville over two years ago. The company sells responsibly harvested and locally grown domestic softwoods and hardwoods. They harvest the wood, mill, and dry it in-house, with computer-aided and natural gas-fired dehumidification and vacuum kilns. They have a broad range of customers, from cabinet-makers all the way up to construction companies seeking 16-inch diameter heavy framing timbers. As the COVID-19 crisis progressed, they increasingly focused on drying local hardwoods for other sawmills, along with some softwoods from as far away as Washington state.

Although he and his family have been living in Bartlesville prior to starting Berg Renivigorations, his job as a petroleum engineer had him constantly on the road. One day while on the job, he had a tachycardia heart episode that nearly took his life. In the process of running tests, doctors found a brain tumor. After monitoring it for a few years and consulting with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and Baylor St. Luke's in Houston, he had successful brain surgeries in Houston and successful heart surgery in Rochester that enabled him to make a full recovery. The experience led him to look for something different.

Building Gene

So they looked into opportunities around Berg's hometown of Independence. He had grown up with woodworking and construction, with a father in home construction and a step-father in masonry.

"We stumbled across this Coffeyville property in January 2019 and that's how Berg Reinvigorations began," he said. "It felt a little like it was meant to be because the last four numbers of my cell are the building's street address and my stepdad laid the block for the foundation nearly 35 years ago."

Berg enjoys the art of timber framing and constructing homes or barns designed to last more than a hundred years.

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