Four Corners Economic Development Launches Newly Designed Website

Four Corners Economic Development Launches Newly Designed Website Main Photo

1 Apr 2021

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FARMINGTON, NM -- Four Corners Economic Development (4CED) today launched its newly retooled website that will tell the world of many compelling, under-told and under-valued stories of economic development potential and quality of life in San Juan County. The website address is

The large website is user-friendly, easy to maintain, and mobile responsive. It will also be the key "go-to" tool supporting 4CED's mission of building economically vibrant businesses and communities in the Four Corners Region through effective partnerships. Revitalized social media platforms on Facebook and LinkedIn and an electronic newsletter were also launched.

The website was created with the design and technical support of Golden Shovel Agency (GSA) - a specialized marketing agency supporting over 230 economic development organizations (EDOs) and GIS Zoom Prospector - the world's leading provider of site selection tools and packager of economic data. The website's development and initial operating expenses are supported by a generous grant from the Farmington-based Merrion Family Foundation.

"San Juan County has needed to strengthen and diversify its economy. There are opportunities here!" said Arvin Trujillo, CEO at 4CED. "The region is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, great people, and high quality of life. The world needs to know! The new 4CED website plays a vital role in the organization's strategic plans for education and outreach."

The website is supporting 4CED's marketing efforts to targeted industries looking to expand or relocate to San Juan County. A key part of the outreach begins with "showing up on the radar" of site locators. 4CED believes that with the support of the GSA team, it will be "discovered" and be able to tell its great story.

For those researching San Juan County from outside the area, the 4CED website serves as a one-stop-shop. The rich mix of copy, photography, infographics, data, tools, and resource partner links are all designed to collectively stimulate interest in San Juan County and answer questions. For those in the region, the new site provides a variety of previously hard-to-find economic data and news. Visitors will easily be able to join the organization, contact members, and learn about 4VED's vision for a prosperous economic future.

4CED's decision to work with Golden Shovel Agency was easy. Golden Shovel has earned numerous awards for its best-of-class work in design and expertise in business and workforce attraction. "We're delighted with our decision to retain the services of GSA. The website is just the beginning. The insights, training, and best practices delivered by the GSA team to 4CED are critical to capacity building and advancing our strategic plans to strengthen and diversify our economy," said Trujillo. "Combining the website with the GIS ZoomProspector makes the site even more helpful."

"So much has gone into the website design process and content development. We're confident the new website will work as hard as the economic development team at 4CED," said Aaron Brossoit, CEO of GSA. "We enjoy working with the 4CED team and look forward to seeing all the great things for the San Juan County community that comes with this new resource."

You can view the newly designed website here.



FOUR CORNERS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT is all about supporting and building economically vibrant businesses and communities in the Four Corners Region through effective partnerships. 4CED's offices are located on the campus of San Juan College in the Quality Center for Business.

4CED is a public-private partnership that unites county and municipal governments with its member businesses and other resource partners to build the intentional economic future of San Juan County.

4CED encompasses two non-profit organizations: One is the 501(c)(6) membership-based organization, For Corners Economic Development, Inc. The other is the Four Corners Economic Development Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. There are two active boards that regularly meet to govern the activities of the two organizations. Learn more here.

GOLDEN SHOVEL AGENCY is a full-service economic development marketing agency. Whether the goal is to attract and support great businesses or great talent, Golden Shovel Agency is your specialist in the industry. We've helped hundreds of communities across North America to shape and tell their stories to strengthen the vitality of their regional economies. Learn more here.

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