7 Brilliant Ways to Grow Your Remote Workforce

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8 Mar 2021

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These 7 brilliant ways to grow your remote workforce will help you reap the benefits of the work from home movement! The advantages of a remote workforce for workers, employers, and the towns and states they reside in are many.

Tap Into the Work From Home Movement

70% of the American workforce is likely to work remotely at least five days every month by 2025. A large number of remote workers will spend much more time than that at home. The remote workforce experiences a better work-life balance, higher productivity, and more flexibility while contributing a large number of benefits to the local economy.

Economic developers should get the word out about businesses in their communities offering work from home positions while also working to attract remote workers from companies all over the world.

7 Brilliant Ways to Grow Your Remote Workforce

1. Capture the remote work audience with your website

An impressive website is the first step to growing the remote workforce. A vast majority of cities and states are offering incentives to attract remote workers to their areas.

The competition is thick.

An outdated and underwhelming website will quickly lose potential candidates. Golden Shovel Agency economic development websites are visually appealing, easy to navigate, ripe with important information, and exhibit enhanced performance with SEO and GIS Planning.

2. Highlight city amenities in a rural setting

Two-thirds of Americans would opt to move to a suburban or rural area if remote work becomes the new norm, according to a recent survey by Remote workers dream of a spacious house in the country with access to coffee bars, restaurants, and shops to frequent. Rural America offers the opportunity to recenter, reconnect with nature, and enjoy a simpler lifestyle while remaining productive in a remote profession.

3. Brag about internet capabilities

According to the same survey, 67% of respondents said that internet availability in a rural area would affect their decision to move, and 36% said limited access is preventing them from moving to rural destinations.

4. Develop networking activities and coworking spaces for remote workers

Remote workers are attracted to areas that offer networking activities. Since remote workers spend the majority of their time in their homes, the opportunity to get together with others for work, learning, and recreation is a must. Developing network activities and coworking spaces that allow for interaction while maintaining social distancing give remote workers options and boost mental health.

5. Incentivize

Designing incentives to recruit remote workers will give economic developers a lead in the competition. Many cities, towns, and states are developing incentive programs that offer remote workers stipends, relocation assistance, and tax breaks. Look into these options for your community.

6. Implement short-term housing programs

Many cities offer remote workers the opportunity to pay a small fee for access to short-term housing, a co-working space, and networking opportunities. Rural communities offer these types of programs less often. It's worth looking into the community capabilities for this type of program as it will attract remote workers and allow them to fall in love with the area during their stay.

7. Total accessibility

A large portion of remote workers brand themselves as "digital nomads." Digital nomads spend much of the year traveling, but they still need a place to call home where they can rest and recharge. Excellent accessibility is an attractive quality that makes travel for leisure and work convenient.

Start Growing Today

Employees are transitioning to remote work at a blinding rate. Call us today and we can help you introduce these brilliant ways to grow your remote workforce into your economic development strategy.

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