10 Reasons Why Your Economic Development Website Isn't Attracting Remote Workers

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8 Feb 2021

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These 10 reasons why your economic development website isn't attracting remote workers may be why you're experiencing a lack of success. Nearly 62% of employees already work remotely at least part of the time, and that number continues to grow as social distancing and COVID safety protocol remain intact. It's of prime concern that economic developers target this audience, and knowing what your audience is looking for is key to developing the best possible website.

10 Reasons Why Your Economic Development Website Isn't Attracting Remote Workers

1. Remote workers aren't a target audience on the webpage

This is the most obvious issue. The economic system is constantly shifting, and pandemics and world affairs affect local economies greatly. Target audiences need to be adjusted accordingly to better serve the local workforce.

2. SEO is lacking

If a website has poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it won't show up in keyword searches. Golden Shovel Agency websites have advanced SEO. This ensures that any website using our services will be prominent in keyword searches for commonly used phrases by remote workers and other target audiences.

3. The website layout and homepage is underwhelming

A homepage should capture the attention of the target audience. This feature is a large driver of website traffic. A homepage should showcase selling points that are unique to the remote worker, and a website as a whole should be aesthetically pleasing.

4. The website has a poor interface

Remote workers are well-versed in technology and expect to visit a webpage that is easily navigable via phone or computer. The website should be responsive and user-friendly. Golden Shovel Agency's economic development websites are designed with the user in mind. These websites enable users to quickly find what they are looking for.

5. Remote worker incentives are not properly showcased

Many states are offering incentives for remote workers. Any potential incentives should be listed including things like relocation assistance, cash incentives, tax abatements, and student debt assistance.

See case studies of remote worker programs in our latest eBook.

6. Parks and outdoor spaces aren't given enough spotlight

People who work from home want to know there are opportunities to leave the house and get outdoors. Exercising in outdoor spaces and working from a park bench lead to more productivity. These locations should be spotlighted.

7. Area amenities and accessibility aren't being promoted

A place to grab a quick coffee and bite to eat are necessary for remote workers. WiFi accessible areas are a must. These amenities should be widely promoted. Remote workers spend most of their working from home but may have to travel for work as well. They need to know about accessibility to airports, train stations, and major highways.

8. High-speed internet is lacking or not properly advertised

Few things are more important to remote workers than reliable internet. Internet speed is an excellent community perk that should be highlighted.

9. Community clubs and charitable organizations need attention too

The three biggest challenges remote workers report are unplugging after work (22%), loneliness (19%), and communication/collaboration (17%). Giving proper attention to local clubs and organizations remote workers can be involved in may attract more of them to the community.

10. The website doesn't have GIS Planning

Golden Shovel Agency websites can include GIS Planning, which provides real estate, demographics, and industry data. Our websites make it easy to find available housing and other details that remote workers are searching for in order to make the best decision about where they should live and work.

We Can Help

Golden Shovel Agency can help economic developers eliminate these common website issues and design a website that effectively targets the growing remote worker audience. With GIS Planning, advanced SEO, modules that are easy to navigate, and universal reports, Golden Shovel websites are guaranteed to attract remote workers. Learn more about attracting remote workers.

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about optimizing your economic development website.

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