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6 Jul 2020


The loudest voice always wins.

Social media is noisy and it can be difficult to be heard. That’s why the loudest voice always wins. If you aren’t publishing regular, engaging content with a consistent message for your community to build awareness, you aren’t being loud enough.

Being successful with your digital strategy requires discipline and consistency. Posting irrelevant content or only posting when you have time will easily confuse your audience and you’ll be buried beneath all the other noise.

Content marketing costs 62% less than any other marketing and produces 3 times as much traffic. However, many organizations put it on the back burner. Every single day there are workers, site selectors, and entrepreneurs searching for communities like yours that have an interesting story with potential for growth. Will you stick out to them?

Zig Ziglar once said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.”

This bit of wisdom should be applied to your social media content. Having a strong motivation to create and schedule content is crucial if you want to be that loudest voice.

Economic developers know the power of content marketing. Communities often post when businesses expand or new companies come to town, but only posting during these big events can give the impression that economic growth only occurs sporadically. However, as we all know, economic development occurs every day!

Where can you start with improving your social media content? Here are some of our tips:

#1 Post to your blog frequently about topics that your audience is interested in

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. What are they interested in reading about? Note: this might not always be exactly what you are interested in.

#2 Create clear headings

Concise titles get attention. Enough said.

#3 Use emotional images

We’ve all seen the overused royalty-free stock photos. Use the images that you have that are unique to your community! Gather photos of local attractions and people. Find photos that show action and expression so viewers gain an emotional attachment. Create a nice folder of images that you can use when needed.

#4 Share stories multiple times with multiple headlines

The biggest mistake you can make is to share a story one time and wonder why the engagement is low. Are you worried the repetition will annoy your audience? Not a chance. If your content is interesting, your audience will like and share it. Remember, you are trying to reach new viewers who are not familiar with you. So get on the rooftop and shout!

#5 Publish on a consistent schedule

Publish early and publish often. Having a steady stream of content flowing is critical. Commit to a schedule that pushes content out daily. Yes daily. There are inexpensive tools that can help you manage and schedule your content ahead of time.


Now get out there and become the loudest voice!


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