PPE Manufacturer Headed to Southwest Wyoming

26 May 2020

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PPE Manufacturer Headed to Southwest Wyoming

The City of Evanston, Wyoming, a client of Golden Shovel Agency, has successfully recruited ISA Corporation, a multinational manufacturing company, to the community. ISA will be opening a manufacturing and customer service facility in Evanston with plans to add a research and development facility in the future. Congratulations to Rocco O'Neill, Director of Economic and Community Development, on this exciting announcement!

ISA Corporation to Expand to Evanston

Evanston, WY -- The City of Evanston is pleased to announce that ISA Corporation, a multi-national rubber dipping manufacturer located in Oregon, plans to expand to Evanston. On Tuesday, May 5, the Evanston City Council approved the sale of the 5-acre property located at 1827 Union Center Road to ISA. ISA's specific product categories include protective shoe covers, industrial gloves, nuclear spec gloves, and now lineman electric spec gloves.

About ISA

John Feusner Sr. founded the company in Salt Lake City in 1936 where they produced rubber duck decoys known as "deeks." In 1960 Mr. Feusner moved the company's product line to include several variations of rubber gloves and shoe covers. Today, ISA is a multi-national company with over 80,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing, engineering, research and development (R&D), and customer service space in Oregon and Mexico.

Over the last 36 years John Feusner Jr., President of ISA, has built 14 rubber dipping factories across the globe. ISA is currently the only rubber dipping manufacturer producing these products in the U.S. and North America.

Planned Development

ISA will relocate and expand its headquarters to Union Center Business Park block 2, lot 1. The development calls for a campus-style layout constructed in three phases. Phase I will include manufacturing and customer service totaling just over 20,000 sq. ft. When Phase I is operational, it is estimated that ISA will employ between 25 and 50 individuals including salaried and hourly positions. Phase II includes an additional 6,000 sq. ft. of R&D. Phase III will add the final 16,000 sq. ft. of distribution warehousing. When Phase III is completed ISA estimates they may employ over 100 individuals in Uinta County.

City of Evanston

Rocco O'Neill, Director of Economic and Community Development says, "We are thrilled that ISA has chosen our community. The leadership at ISA have expressed their love of Wyoming and the people who call it home. We share many of the same values and know that they will create jobs and contribute to our community for years to come. Mr. Feusner is resilient in his pursuit of repatriating a supply chain long owned by the Asian continent. We look forward to assisting them in that pursuit."

"Our leadership both past and present have been preaching for the longest time that locating in Evanston is the most cost-effective way to conduct business on the Wasatch Front. Our accessibility and affordability are unmatched in the region. Although we still have work to do, we are starting to see the beginning of real economic development, and that gets our community excited for the future."

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