PlaceVR Technology Makes Agriculture Safety Training Memorable and Easy to Deliver for Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative

PlaceVR Technology Makes Agriculture Safety Training Memorable and Easy to Deliver for Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative Main Photo

28 Apr 2020

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PlaceVR Technology Makes Agricultural Safety Training Memorable and Easy to Deliver for Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative

Golden Shovel Produces 360-Degree Video to Teach Ag Workers About the Hazards of Working Near Power Poles and Lines

Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative has released a new training video that aims to reduce the number of accidents and deaths in agricultural settings due to contact with power lines. The 360-degree video, produced by Golden Shovel Agency, makes the training easy to deliver and remember by taking viewers on location to farm sites and inside equipment with the use of virtual reality goggles.

"Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative is taking a huge leap in not just how they're going to deliver safety training, but in its effectiveness by using immersive technology," said Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel Agency.

The use of 360-degree video and virtual reality is more effective than alternative training formats when it comes to enabling people to understand and remember their training. When participants are wearing the VR goggles, their brain responds as if they're actually at the scene. The result is better information retention which means that when the time comes to use the training, it's more likely to be recalled.

"Our cooperative covers a huge area that includes a large array of agricultural businesses," said Lea Gettle, Manager of Administration and Strategic Services for the electric cooperative located in northeastern Oregon. "In launching this new training, we're demonstrating our commitment to keeping our members and their employees safe."

When Golden Shovel Agency and Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative started talking about 360-degree video and virtual reality, the original topic was economic development. The conversation turned to safety when the cooperative brought up the idea of using Golden Shovel's PlaceVR technology for safety videos.

"It was great to see Oregon Electric Cooperative get so excited when they saw what PlaceVR could do," said Aaron Brossoit. "Up to this point our projects have been focused on economic development, but the safety videos have really demonstrated the flexibility and creativity of our production team to bring the cooperative's vision to life."

Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative partnered with Federated Rural Electric Insurance to make this project possible. The video was shot on location in Oregon with the help of local farmers and equipment contract companies.

GOLDEN SHOVEL AGENCY is a Minnesota-based full-service economic development firm specializing in workforce attraction for economic and community development. The Economic Gateway Web system implementation strategy. Learn how you can bring VR technology to your organization at

OREGON TRAIL ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE (OTEC) is a not-for-profit, member-owned electric cooperative that serves over 31,000 homes and businesses in four counties in Eastern Oregon. Headquartered in Baker City, OTEC has district offices in Burns, John Day, and La Grande. Learn more at

FEDERATED RURAL ELECTRIC INSURANCE is committed to working with its Members to provide superior, value-oriented insurance programs with a focus on safety, service, and stability. Learn more at

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