Top 5 Opportunity Zone Prospectuses of 2020

Top 5 Opportunity Zone Prospectuses of 2020 Main Photo

6 Jan 2020

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Ready to market your opportunity zone?

In order to successfully present your opportunity zone, you should create an Opportunity Zone Prospectus to attract investors and promote your project.

The prospectus is the primary document that investors, developers and fund managers use to evaluate your project. This document is also a great way to organize your community pitch and coordinate your message. A completed prospectus in the hands of elected officials, community leaders, and business owners will help attract investors and interest in your project. 

 In order to help get you started, our team has compiled a list of 5 Opportunity Zone Prospectuses in 2020 that have the right elements for success. Whether you are creating the prospectus yourself or hiring an experienced economic development consulting firm, this list will help guide your document creation. 

Your prospectus should have a crisp design that easily draws the investors into the document. You are not trying to win design awards with this document you are trying to be considered in an investment portfolio. 

The prospectus is a research-based document demonstrating a positive investment return. Opportunity zones are a tax benefit as well as a social-economic tool to help communities improve neighborhoods. Your prospectus should be a strong call to action for investors. 

This is not a community brochure. 

Lastly, show your research and make sure your facts are correct.  The investors and fund managers looking at your document will be doing their homework so be prepared to tell the success story through data. 


Louisville, KY

Louisville has 19 Opportunity Zones in 8 distinct geographies and therefore the prospectus is quite robust and full of information. Right away the document begins with an executive summary to guide the reader with highlights. This section is followed by an overview of the 2017 Opportunity Zone Legislation. We believe this summary is helpful but not necessary. Investors are looking for community data points and reasons to invest. On page 20, we are introduced to the area’s opportunity zones. This section is informative and compelling for investors. This section earns Louisville a spot on our list.


South Bend, IN

This document is visually appealing and research-based. At the beginning of the document, there is a summary of the Opportunity Zone legislation which is helpful but not necessary in an investment prospectus. One section that stands out is the South Bend Momentum section that gives a quick summary of the Numbers, Assets and Opportunity Zones. This section gives potential investors enough information to capture their attention and draw them into the document.



Oklahoma City, OK

If you are looking for a prospectus that exemplifies data and charts, the Oklahoma City Prospectus is a good example. Each opportunity zone section begins with a map and corresponding demographics. Another standout element is the quantitative and qualitative research. The document makes a strong case for the community by identifying the strengths and challenges.  This honest approach builds trust and will help attract serious investors.


Northern Kentucky, KY

The design stands out in this prospectus and the table of contents is one of the best examples we came across. As the reader explores each opportunity zone section, there is a consistent layout and easy-to-follow theme. The community profile section and investment information is very helpful to guide investors. However, one distraction is the small font size and changing colors. We recommend more compelling demographics and facts that invite the investor to call the economic developers to get more information.


Bowling Green, KY

This prospectus is an excellent example of how to focus on the opportunity zone. Many of the prospectuses we reviewed fall into the category of a “community brochure”. Bowling Green correctly presents the opportunity zones visually and with compelling demographics. In the Bowling Green Opportunity Zone Downtown District Map, there is an effective use of bubbles to call out areas of interest. Also, we must note the brevity of the document. Bowling Green understands the purpose of the prospectus is to present the opportunity zones and attract investors and this document delivers.

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