Fitchburg aims to attract businesses to Opportunity Zones

31 Dec 2019

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FITCHBURG — Now that the renovation of City Hall is underway and the two-way Main Street project has been set in motion, the city has released a new investor prospectus — a document that focuses on attracting businesses to key Opportunity Zones in Fitchburg.

The document is like a menu for potential business owners. It gives a brief description of the city and offers up several locations, such as former businesses or mills, which would be ideal for development.

“As with any prospectus, the overall aim is to attract investors, and more specifically to direct real estate investors to properties within Fitchburg’s two federally approved Opportunity Zones,” said city Director of Economic Development Mary Jo Bohard. “The city intentionally showcases a representative sampling of property types in the prospectus, to demonstrate the range of investment opportunities that can be experienced here locally.”

Originally published at Sentinel Landscape Enterprise Read the complete article here. 


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