"Broadband, blues, & beer"

"Broadband, blues, & beer" Main Photo

31 Oct 2019

Economic Development News, Found Article

This summer, at the 2019 Breakthrough Solutions conference in Little Rock Arkansas, Matt Dunne shared his message for economic growth in rural America.  His presentation, "Stemming the Tide: Creating Digital Ecosystems in Rural Areas” focused on revitalizing rural areas. 

He highlighted five areas that community leaders need to pay attention to:

  1. Provide education and training for the digital economy
  2. Develop a distributed work community
  3. Improve entrepreneurship programs
  4. Invest in downtown housing
  5. Promote arts, culture and recreational amenities

    He called out the need for connectivity in rural communities, "It is the electricity of our time." 

    Rural communities are familiar with the struggles of workforce attraction and business development. And, economic developers understand how important community support is to move initiatives forward--particularly broadband. 

    Mr. Dunne succinctly states the issue for rural communities to attract the next generation, “broadband, blues and beer.”

    Read the full article here


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