Experience Little Falls, MN: A New Virtual Reality Workforce Attraction Tour Brings the Community to You

Experience Little Falls, MN: A New Virtual Reality Workforce Attraction Tour Brings the Community to You Main Photo

19 Sep 2017

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LITTLE FALLS, MN –  Jon Radermacher was sitting behind his desk viewing a sample virtual reality tour video on his smartphone. “This is exactly what Little Falls needs,” he enthusiastically proclaimed.  As he was viewing the video, he began to speak out loud of the different attractions in Little Falls and the positive impact an immersive video could have on workforce attraction. 

Guided by the vision of Little Falls City Administrator, Jon Radermacher, a 360 VR workforce attraction and tourism video was created. The video brings people into Little Falls via a virtual reality experience and allows them to fully immerse themselves into the community’s attractions and culture.

“Every year Little Falls hosts an Arts and Craft Fair that brings 10’s of thousands of people to the city for an amazing weekend,” says Radermacher. “When you walk the streets, see the vendors, smell the food and listen to the music the city comes alive. This virtual reality video brings people into Little Falls  so they are compelled to visit and experience the event.”

Located along the banks of the Mississippi River, Little Falls, MN has a thriving business community with an increasing need to attract workers.  The community has a strong educational system with access to both private and public schools, affordable housing and a zoo. Yes, a zoo!

The Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls is considered “The Wildest Place in Central Minnesota” and one of the best family attractions. By using the virtual reality technology, people will experience the zoo.  “People have heard of the Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls but until one actually walks around and interacts with the bears, kangaroos and cute prairie dogs they won’t fully appreciate this amazing Central Minnesota attraction,” says Kris VonBerge, executive director of the Little Falls Convention Bureau.

The people of Little Falls are the heart and soul of the community. Visit a Friday night football game or attend a local improvisation act at the Great River Arts gallery and the true pride and spirit of the community is on display. Little Falls residents are active and generous in their volunteer efforts and proud of their community.

“A primary goal of the virtual reality video is to immerse people in the community and to invite them to experience the wonderful employers and opportunities,” said Radermacher.  Local companies were invited to participate and to create a workforce attraction tour as part of the project. Each company involved showed their facilities and explained the opportunity and benefits they could offer. The result is a complete virtual reality attraction tour of Little Falls that is compelling and informative.

Visit the Little Falls website to experience the community through the 360 virtual reality tour.


Little Falls, MN  is located in Morrison County in Central Minnesota and on the banks of the Mississippi River. A community of approximately 8,500 residents; Little Falls has small-town charm with numerous opportunities to visit, shop and dine. Many of our attractions are within walking or biking distance. Visit the Historic Downtown and stop in at the Great River Arts Center and view the many extraordinary talents of local artists. Walk the grounds of the Linden Hill Conference and Retreat Center, Lindbergh State Park and visit the childhood home of local hero Charles A. Lindbergh.


The Golden Shovel Team.

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