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Monday, March 04, 2019

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Understanding the daily duties of economic development professionals, it can be hard to find the time to reply to emails let alone create, implement and manage a digital marketing plan.  So if you're wondering and asking yourself - where to begin and how to build and implement it, here's a set of questions we ask all the client’s we assist with their digital campaigns and content creation.

Asking yourself the following 7 questions will provide you a great start to your digital marketing plan, or to identify if your current plan is effective. If you are unable to answer yourself, I always point to the EDOs strategic plan as a starting point, (assuming there is a current and up to date plan in place).

If you're still unable to get the answers you are looking for, go out and do some good old detective work: connect with local business owners, newcomers to town, recent graduates of high school and college, heck even your childcare provider will have some input on the answers to the following questions.


1.Who is your primary audience and do you have more than one?

Everything you say in the digital marketing plan comes down to the content you create for that plan, whether it's delivered in a blog, newsletter, social post or video; it needs to target a specific set of audiences. Who are they exactly? If you need to prioritize them, which two or three target audiences would you choose?


2. What do you want them to know your community or region for?

It’s incredibly hard to cut through all the noise on the internet.  That's why you need to be very specific about what you want to be known for among the target audiences. More importantly, how will you stand out amongst your neighboring communities? What makes you different and a better fit for the reader?


3. What specific topics and content will you cover in the plan?

This is where you unwrap your answers to question #2. Brainstorm topics that you will publish content on, list them out and then sort them into a few key categories (ie workforce attraction, business attraction and quality of life). Then sort them again into a 12-month calendar.


4. Which formats will you prioritize: website, newsletter, blog or social media?

There are many possible ways to publish your content, but selecting 2-3 formats will help focus your resources and energy.


5. Which social media channels will you select and what's your plan for distributing your message?

The social media landscape is larger and can seem overwhelming. It's often underestimated the time and resources required to craft, implement and manage a strong digital marketing plan. That's why you'll need to prioritize and select the one primary and 1-2 social channels to double down on. In the economic development world, Golden Shovel Agency has found that LinkedIn and Facebook are our go-to's.


6. Who will be responsible for developing, publishing, and distributing content?

Having a digital marketing plan in hand is not enough: Who will be responsible for developing, editing, publishing, and distributing the content you produce? Is this going to be performed in-house? Does your in-house team have the bandwidth to successfully implement the plan or is a 3rd party partner a better way to go?


7. How will you track engagement and measure its usefulness?

How will you know whether your plan is working? What metrics will you track and measure? What tools or software can deliver the analysis you need and want?


Other questions will surely arise during this process as you plan and develop your marketing and content plan, but if you begin with these listed above they are for sure going to open the flood gates to get you started on a thought out marketing plan.

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