What Does it Cost to Build an Economic Development Website?

01 February 2020

What Does it Cost to Build an Economic Development Website?

What does an economic development website cost? The answer to this question varies depending on the goals of the organization. In this article, the process and the factors contributing to the price of creating an economic development website will be discussed. The first step in determining the cost of an economic development website is determining the value it brings. 

What is the value of having an economic development website?

A recent survey by Development Counsellors International found an economic development website to be the most effective marketing tool available. This makes it vital to an economic development organization. A well-planned website brings more traffic to the community, more traffic brings in more revenue.

These are the ways an economic development website generates revenue:

  • Business attraction and retention 
  • Job development and retention
  • Business sector diversification 
  • Property sales and value increase
  • Local tax dollar revenue
  • Recognition of local businesses and products
  • Increased local consumerism 

When an economic development organization uses a website to promote the community, local businesses also feel more appreciated. Increased recognition can help them to grow their business and even expand within the community. When compounded this can lead to overall economic growth.

When the increase in revenue from the introduction or improvement of an economic development website is evaluated, the website has essentially paid for itself.

The next step in finding the answer to the question “What does an economic development website cost?” is determining what the exact website needs are.

What does your economic development website need to attract site selectors? 

Think of an economic development website as the starting point for new industries and site selectors looking to move to the community. An interactive economic development website showcases the best community features with easy to use tools that draw candidates in.

Custom Features Integrated Into an EDC Website: the features you select for an economic development website will impact the cost of the site. Some of these features are essential when reaching site selectors. GIS Planning and real estate listing tools, for example, make an EDC website more effective. Learn more at

Some important features to include are:

  • Tax incentive information
  • Demographics
  • Searchable available property database
  • Workforce statistics 
  • Accessibility 
  • List of major employers
  • Information about the local quality of life
  • Business directory
  • Local news and information
  • Community fast facts
  • Member directory
  • Mobile-friendly interface

An economic development website should also be secure, completely editable and have a user-friendly interface for the organization managing it. 

These tools can be reviewed in detail here. A variety of tools, like GIS Planning, can be built into a website to make it as comprehensive as desired. Once these options are considered, the price of creating an economic development website can be better estimated. Websites can be created with or without optional features that may increase or decrease the total cost. 

What does an economic development website cost?

Let’s recap: An economic development website is an investment and incorporating essential features like GIS Planning and real estate tools can add to that cost. However, when the value of an economic development website brings to a community is considered, the website cost is minimal because it can essentially pay for itself. 

Funding an economic development website doesn’t have to be complicated. Grants from the U.S. Economic Development Administration and fundraising campaigns through organizations like National Community Development Services can provide economic development organizations with the financial resources necessary to fund a new website and overall marketing campaigns. 

Click here to learn more about estimating the cost of building an optimized economic development website that is tailored to your needs.

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