September COO Update: Workforce Attraction Online

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01 September 2015

September 2015

I mentioned in the last update that the Golden Shovel team has had a busy Summer. The results of that are three recent website launches:

Yankton South Dakota’s Workforce Attraction Website 

The Golden Shovel team has just launched Yankton South Dakota’s new workforce attraction website! Instead of choosing to split the economic development website between the business and workforce audiences, Yankton Area Progressive Growth, Inc. chose to build at the center of their workforce attraction strategy. The new site highlights the quality of life, low cost of living and great job opportunities available in the Yankton area complete with testimonials from current residents that are already flourishing there.

Lincoln Area Development Partnership’s Regional Collaboration

Golden Shovel’s latest regional economic development website launch was with the Linclon Area Development Partnership. We are proud to be working with their top notch team and are very pleased with how the design turned out. One benefit to the partnership was that we were already working with four groups within their region including the York County Development Corporation, Nebraska City Area Economic Development, Gage Area Growth Enterprise (NGage), and Falls City Economic Development Growth and Enterprise (in development). That meant that at launch we were able to immediately connect the region together so they could share economic development news and information between the sites. Check out the new website at and please feel free to give us any feedback.

Friends Close to Home

Golden Shovel is proud to launch the new website for Community Development Morrison County based in Little Falls, just down the street from our office. CDMC has helped a host of successful companies in the region, including Golden Shovel, thrive and prosper in the community. Although we work with communities and organizations all across the country, there is something special to working with the groups in our own backyard. Check out their new website at

Upcoming Webinar

We have an excellent webinar on September 10th titled “Ten Trends Impacting Your Economic Development Efforts and How to Benefit From Them” presented by Dean Whittaker from Whittaker Associates, Inc. Dean is a thought leader in the industry who has done predictive analytics on companies looking to expand for over 30 years. We look forward to his presentation and you should too. If you cannot make it, please contact Victor at and we can provide a recording of the presentation.

IEDC Annual Conference

The first week of October we are headed to the IEDC Annual Conference in Anchorage, Alaska. I am pleased to announce I will be participating on a panel on Tuesday, October 6th titled “Constructive Criticism: Economic Development Websites Under the Microscope”. I’m honored to be speaking with this excellent panel and hope to see you there! Learn more at:

I wish you all an excellent September and look forward to seeing you in Anchorage! Till then, may your workforce stay strong and your sites be selected.


Aaron Brossoit

Chief Operating Officer

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