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May 2020

No recorded webinars.

April 2020

GOLDEN SHOVEL AGENCY WEBINAR: Get Ahead of the Curve With a Communication Plan for 2020 - Recorded

We understand more than ever that communities need to find alternative ways to showcase their assets. With the social distancing and travel bans, virtual reality tours are becoming the goto method of allowing people to experience your community--without worry about travel restrictions. Join our PlaceVR team for how to create a memorable virtual experience.

GOLDEN SHOVEL AGENCY WEBINAR: Get Ahead of the Curve With a Communication Plan for 2020 - Recorded

This crisis will pass and communities that work to get heard now will be remembered after the crisis is over. Join us for this webinar where we will explore how to position your content, website, and social media to best communicate within your community and with external audiences for the rest of 2020. Now is the right time to plan.

GOLDEN SHOVEL AGENCY WEBINAR: How to Use Website Analytics to Craft Your Message During the COVID-19 Crisis - Recorded

Intuition alone will not get economic developers through the COVID crisis. Leaders need to understand what content people are consuming and how to make sure your communication is crisp and razor-sharp to reach your audience. In this webinar, we will review how to look at website traffic to determine the best approach for communicating through the crisis.

GOLDEN SHOVEL AGENCY WEBINAR: How to Tailor Your Message in a Time of Crisis - Recorded

Now more than ever economic developers need to actively communicate within their communities and to prospective businesses. In this webinar, we will share strategies for how to communicate during the COVID crisis, along with communication strategies you can use to Get Ahead of the Curve when coming out of it. It is important not to go silent during this crisis

GOLDEN SHOVEL AGENCY WEBINAR: Economic Developers Can Help the Economy by Protecting Local Businesses & Workers During COVID-19 - Recorded

As an economic developer, it is critical to take action to protect the local economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are specific things that can be done to help protect local businesses and the workforce. With the stimulus bill having been passed, it is important to understand what provisions are included for businesses and workers and how people within your community can access them.

GOLDEN SHOVEL AGENCY WEBINAR: Exploring Business Continuity Tools on the APEX Website - Recorded

Economic developers everywhere are scrambling to provide actionable resources to ensure long-term business continuity. APEX recently updated its website with new Business Continuity pages. In addition, a moderated Business Forum provides registered users a place to post ideas, ask questions, and interact to help one another succeed in this turbulent time.

Ten Impacts of Coronavirus on the Economic Development Profession - Recorded

Economic development associations nationwide partnered to provide webinars to their members with information about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and to learn about solutions to mitigate the challenges related to the crisis.

March 2020

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Economic Development Marketing but Were Afraid to Ask - Recorded

Top off your place marketing skills with this practical look at social media, site selection data, analytics, and more.

The Fight Against COVID-19: How can front-line workers protect themselves? - Recorded

What are the correct ways to use personal and respiratory protective equipment? How can the occupationally-at-risk avoid infection and what other precautions should be taken on the job?

Tourism & Coronavirus - Recorded

A shorter version of "Dealing With the Coronavirus" which covers the top three ideas to help communities and small businesses recover some income during this pandemic.

COVID-19: Preparing for What Comes Next - Recorded

IEDC hosted a webinar in which economic developers shared their experiences responding to previous disasters and what their organizations are doing now related to COVID-19. The objectives of the webinar were to discuss what economic development organizations (EDOs) can do now to support businesses in their communities; how EDOs are adjusting their staff and focusing internally; and what to expect when this crisis passes.

Dealing With the Coronavirus - Recorded

Due to the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19, this coronavirus is now sweeping countries around the world and the industry we all love - tourism and downtowns - are being severely impacted. This webinar offers a dozen ideas for helping to mitigate the effects the pandemic is having on us: destination organizations, downtown associations, downtown retail shops, and eateries.

Webinar Series Every Monday at 3 pm EST

IEDC Online Webinars- topics include:

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  • Virtual Meetings
  • Small Business Loan Program
  • Economic Development Resiliency
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