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Sebrena Williamson


Department: Content

Sebrena Williamson, Copywriter, has been with Golden Shovel Agency since March of 2023. She has her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Radford University, with a Minor in English and Appalachian Studies. In addition, she is Google Search Certified.

Sebrena’s day-to-day responsibilities include community research and conversations with local leaders to create content for economic development organizations across the country. When she connects with different organizations, she also provides insights about what topics might be most relevant to spotlight a given community.

Sebrena truly believes that everything starts at the local level, and feels privileged to witness the ways in which many economic development organizations provide for their respective local communities. Working with different EDOs provides insight into the solutions that help communities and regions become proactive, thriving, and most importantly, authentic to their own identity. More specifically, Sebrena cherishes working with rural and mid-sized communities in particular. As a proud West Virginian, she’s very interested in how rural EDOs organize initiatives to address unique challenges and opportunities.

Sebrena is currently located in Huntington, WV. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, trying new food, and connecting with new people and friends around the country. In the summer, you can find her hiking, swimming rafting, or kayaking in the great outdoors. She also co-founded her own dance company in 2018, where she hosts classes, creates independent films, and creates live performances. More than anything, Sebrena is interested in gaining new perspectives, whether that be through travel, art, food, literature, or conversation.

For questions about your content, you can reach Sebrena Williamson at swilliamson@goldenshovelagency.com.