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Nash Bochner

Business Development Representative

Department: Sales

Nash Bochner, Territory Sales Manager, has been with Golden Shovel Agency since April 2022. Nash attended Colorado State University and Front Range Community College, jumping between natural resources management and computer information systems, taking a wide variety of classes such as computer science, economics, resource management/sustainability, and horticulture.

Nash’s day-to-day responsibilities include lead generation and outreach, as well as managing contacts relationships in his assigned territories. He is eager to constantly learn new information related to the economic development industry, which makes him excited for the opportunity to grow and take on greater responsibilities with assisting clients and helping them achieve their goals.

Nash agrees that economic development is one of those industries that he can feel good about working in. Help to grow and support communities is important and enables him to feel like he’s leaving a positive impact on the clients he’s interacting with. Working with Golden Shovel allows him to see the powerful impact of his work.

Nash is currently located in Colorado. He loves spending time in the mountains during the summer. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as backpacking, camping, kayaking, frisbee, golf, rock climbing, and biking. During the winters, Nash loves to snowboard and cross country ski. He also has a passion for gardening and traveling. He has been to seven countries and enjoys learning about new cultures and connecting with people.

If you are interested in learning more about Golden Shovel’s services, you can contact Nash Bochner for more information at nbochner@goldenshovelagency.com.