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Greg Kolbjornsen

PlaceVR Executive Producer

Department: Video

Greg Kolbjornsen, Executive Director & Producer, has been with Golden Shovel Agency since November 2017. Greg earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Communication, Broadcast/Film, and Photography/Art History from the University of Miami. Greg was previously a founder/owner of a corporate video and broadcast media production company and currently owns Iron Barque Co. His experience includes producing the CBS Movie of the Week and producing videos for NordicTrack, Business Incentives, Badian Production, Media Craft, and DMR.

Greg’s day-to-day responsibilities include producing all things video for PlaceVR, a division of Golden Shovel Agency. He oversees all members of the production team and ensures the progress of all projects. He also works directly with clients and is on location while the project is in production. Greg enjoys every single project he’s worked on and has found each community (large or small) has amazing things to offer. And the things he’s seen! Greg has gotten to shoot the best of the best and work with incredibly gracious and fun clients.

Greg’s favorite thing about working with economic development organizations is the opportunities he’s offered when traveling and shooting video on location. His most memorable experience was flying in an aerobatic glider, shooting a quality of life adventure scene. His pilot was a five-time national champion and even flew in the first “50 Shades” film. Greg had a great experience flying loop-de-loops and barrel rolls 3500 feet over the Arizona desert!

Greg currently lives in Milltown, WI near one of Wisconsin’s top 5 cleanest lakes, Half Moon Lake. He has two college kids, Colin (Commercial Aviation), and Evin (Business major). In his free time, Greg enjoys water sports, boating, and a bit of fishing. He also attempts to play electric and acoustic guitar and has a passion for anything classic and old with 4 wheels and an overpowered engine.

For any questions related to video for your economic development organization, you can reach Greg Kolbjornsen at gkolbjornsen@goldenshovelagency.com.


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