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Erin Chadwick

Project Support Specialist

Department: Special Projects

Erin Chadwick, GateKeeper Client Manager, brings first-hand economic development experience to her role, having most recently served as the Marketing Coordinator for a county-wide economic development group in Southeast Nebraska (who was and is a GSA client!).

Erin’s day-to-day responsibilities include working directly with economic development leaders to help ensure their success in utilizing the products and services that Golden Shovel Agency offers. She looks forward to helping communities be successful using the knowledge that she’s gained from her own experiences and GSA’s suite of communication tools.
Erin’s favorite thing about working with economic development organizations is that she loves communities and the (often unseen) role that economic development organizations play in their success. Relationships are key in building communities, and economic developers thrive in this area.

Outside of work, Erin is a wife, a homeschooling mom to two daughters, a fur mama to two Australian Shepherds, a small business owner (she and her husband have owned a shoe store for 10+ years and own shares of other stores throughout Nebraska and Kansas), and serves on many boards and committees throughout her rural Southwest Nebraska community. Erin loves scoping out new restaurants and craft breweries with her hubby, reading cookbooks and making healthy meals for her family, and daydreaming about (or road-tripping to!) the mountains.

If you have any questions about your website, content, or contract, you can reach Erin Chadwick at echadwick@goldenshovelagency.com.