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Amelia McGrady

Director of Human Resources

Department: Management

Amelia McGrady, Director of Human Resources, has been with Golden Shovel Agency since September 2019. Amelia has her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management and Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas.

Amelia’s day-to-day responsibilities include posting available jobs, sourcing and screening candidates for open positions, providing support to management for training/onboarding, creating an HR system that aligns with the organizational structure and goals of the company, and publishing found/created content to client websites and social media pages. Her favorite project has been presenting on the social media webinar, which was a great experience to collaborate with other team members and present on a topic she had become an expert on.

Amelia’s favorite part about working with economic development organizations is reading the content that the writers create for clients. Amelia enjoys staying in the loop with what is happening in the local communities of our clients.

Amelia currently lives in Hanover, Maryland with her husband. Her hobbies include finding new parks to hammock at (as long as she has a good book) or finding cute local coffee shops to work out of. Amelia also enjoys traveling and doing touristy activities and trying out local breweries or wineries in the area. On a cold or rainy day, you can find her knitting, trying new recipes, or binge-watching her favorite shows.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Golden Shovel Agency team, contact Amelia McGrady at amcgrady@goldenshovelagency.com.


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