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Greg Kolbjornsen

Place VR Executive Producer

Department: PlaceVR

Greg Kolbjornsen brings 30 years of corporate and broadcast production experience to Golden Shovel Agency as a nationally award winning producer and director. As a small business owner he learned quickly what it takes to run a successful media production company profitably while understanding the importance of client services. He has spent the lion's-share of his career in corporate marketing and for the last 3 years has enjoyed adapting new Virtual Reality technology to build community in the economic development sector.

Greg graduated from the University of Miami Florida and earned a BSC in Broadcast Communications. He holds a major in Broadcast and Film Production as well as a second Art major in Photography. He is client-centric and will tell you that it's all about connecting the message to the intended audience and delivering that message honestly.



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3D Artist & Animation Specialist

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Place VR Editor

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Video Editor

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PlaceVR Editor

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