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Yankton Area Progressive Growth continues to prove their marketing leadership skills in the area of economic development. This new website and community portal is all about assisting industries looking to grow in the Yankton, SD area.

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Yankton Area Progressive Growth built a new economic development website to focus on business attraction. The new site complements and shares data with their successful workforce attraction site but keeps the workforce audience separated.

“We see our website as an important tool for marketing our available sites and buildings as well marketing our community.The branding ties in with our quality of life website (GreaterYanktonLiving.com), and the two sites complement each other by showing different aspects of our community. Site selectors can learn about the available sites and demographics on Yanktonedc.com, and then gain a better understanding of the community on GreaterYanktonLiving.com.”

~John Kramer, President of Yankton Area Progressive Growth.

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