Real Estate Database

Easily Search and Find Properties

Easily search and find properties on this google map-based site selection tool. With a public submission tool and approval queue, commercial realtors can submit their properties to the database. The Economic Gateway can also integrate most GIS based site selection tools developed by third party organizations including ZoomProspector and LOIS.


Recommended Uses:

  • Locate available buildings and sites for sale or rent
  • Locate spec buildings and site plans
  • Target industry site locator (i.e. On a Micro Site or as a compliment to a third party site selection tool.)


  • Search by name, keyword, zip, size and cost
  • Feature sites for prominent exposure
  • Includes location address, contact information, sales/lease info, site characteristics, utilities and logistic information
  • Upload photos, PDFs and other supporting files
  • Mark sites as ‘favorites’ for easy comparison
  • View Community Profile report from location
  • Public submission with approval queue included
  • Data can be shared across multiple sites

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