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Golden Shovel Agency began its life as a technology company when its founders developed the Economic Gateway to meet the needs of economic development organizations. Since then, we’ve grown to serve organizations of all sizes, but the specialized technology behind the Economic Gateway remains a core offering. The sites are designed to answer the specific questions of your audiences—site selectors, existing businesses, job seekers, and other stakeholders. You can read more about these features below.

Software as a Service

Software is usually seen as a tool. We see it differently. We see software as a service, and one that requires human support and guidance. Our consultants meet with you monthly (and are available by phone and email) to help leverage the tools embedded in your website to maximize your impact.

Advanced SEO

Search Engine Optimization ensures that your website is prominent in the keyword searches executed by your target audience. In order to be noticed, your SEO approach must be effective. Our team conducts advanced, exhaustive analysis of your website on an ongoing basis to ensure that it conforms to the metrics of the various search engines on the internet. Quarterly reports keep you apprised of your penetration.

Key Features

  • Completely Editable by Client
  • Mobile-Friendly with Responsive Design
  • Population and Setup Support
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Social Media Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Restricted Pages and Files
  • Hosting Included
  • Training Support
  • Quarterly Updates and Maintenance
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Cross Platform Compatibility
  • Section 508 and W3C compliant
  • Google Translation Tool Integration
  • Google Keyword Search

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Homepage Showcase

Create emotional appeal and engage your audience. A showcase piece on your homepage hooks them right off the bat and delivers results. Use this module to add emphasis to your region’s unique selling points, location and link to key features of your site.



The News module is a key communication tool for keeping visitors apprised of the latest events, press releases, relevant news and other important happenings. Headlines and short descriptions from your latest posts will mirror on the homepage and keep your website content looking fresh and current.



Announce and organize the events your organization is involved with and supports. The calendar makes your organization a resource for  keeping businesses engaged with the community. Create awareness of the conferences and events your organization attends.


Real Estate Database

Easily search and find properties on this google map based site selection tool. With a public submission tool and approval queue, commercial realtors can submit their properties to the database. The Economic Gateway can also integrate most GIS based site selection tools developed by third party organizations including ZoomProspector and LOIS.


Business Directory

This module organizes important businesses and organizations into an online resource so business owners and stakeholders can find the support they are looking for.


Projects Directory

This module is flexible in design to serve a variety of purposes: Show the impact your organization has on the region by highlighting the economic development projects your business is involved with; Present success stories located across a map; Focus it on identifying specific industry cluster assets. We can help position this powerful tool to best address your goals.


Community Profiles

The community profiles will provide quick access to important information for site selectors, businesses and community stakeholders. Demographic and workforce data is provided and kept current. Profiles can easily be organized and printed for reports.


Incentives Directory

Contains information on economic development incentives and programs available to businesses who are considering or are based in your region.


Resource Library

The centralized point for a variety of documents and media files to be organized, downloaded and viewed online.


Staff Directory

Helps you to bring a human face to the organization. The Staff Directory Module allows you to highlight your team, committees and organization members. This one of the most frequented sections of an economic development website.


Member Directory

This module creates a searchable directory of people, making it a great networking resource for your region. Help your users find the resources and skillsets they need to do business.


Fast Facts

Combine images and text that rotate on the website. Works like a banner ad for your own organization designed specifically to match the website.


Jobs Directory

Google Maps based searchable directory that allows your organization to provide visitors with job postings and employer information.


Universal Reports

The fast and easy way for you and your users to create customized reports using content from your website. In three easy steps you can compile location data and create custom info packets.


Other Tools

In addition to the selection of modules listed above, Economic Gateway websites come with a variety of additional tools and features, including secured pages, public submission forms, integrated Google tools, and much more.


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