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“Modern” homepage design increases pageviews and reader comprehension, study finds

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

By NiemanLab

News sites with modular, image-heavy designs receive more pageviews and have stronger user engagement than sites with more staid, newspaper-inspired designs, according to a report released Tuesday by the Engaging News Project.

Modern, modular homepages received at least 90 percent more unique pageviews than traditional sites did, the study found.

Users viewing the modular homepage recalled details of the articles at least 50 percent more often than did those who viewed the classic homepage, according to the report.

“The way in which you design your homepage can have a big effect,” said Talia Stroud, the director of the Engaging News Project and a professor at the University of Texas.

Stroud and her co-authors — Alex Curry, Arielle Cardona, and Cynthia Peacock — created two fictional news sites with 20 evergreen news stories selected from actual publications. They ran three different studies that involved 2,671 participants, and in each case the modern-looking site received more pageviews.

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